Selling a junk car made easy: Secure the best price

Selling a junk car made easy: Secure the best price


Selling a junk car can quickly become an unexpected challenge. But there is a simple and effective solution that not only saves you the hassle of going to the scrap yard, but also offers you the chance to profit financially. Junk cars that are no longer roadworthy due to their condition are a burden for many owners. Our service offers a practical alternative that will not only save you time and effort, but may also allow you to make a financial profit.

1. Let it expire or sell it?

An unroadworthy car is often quickly labeled as an end-of-life vehicle, and the idea of repairing it is usually rejected due to the high costs involved. Perhaps your car is also sitting around unused and you are considering simply disposing of it. But wait, that doesn't have to be your only option. It's worth taking a closer look at the value of your vehicle, because even supposed junk cars can still have a surprising value. Many vehicles do not find their way to a professional recycler because their owners decide against selling them or do not know that they can still sell their vehicle for a profit.

2. Does it have to be the scrap yard? Sell your junk car quickly and easily instead

Disposal at a scrap yard is often the first thing that comes to mind for many car owners. But there is a lucrative alternative. Even vehicles that are considered worthless can still find a buyer. The challenge is to find the right channel for the sale. The cost of scrapping, especially if the vehicle has to be collected, can quickly mount up. However, there are platforms and services that offer a free valuation of your car and show you a way to make a profit from a seemingly worthless vehicle.

3. Junk car = Junk price? Better sell your car for a profit

Many car owners are surprised when they learn that their old vehicle can still have a considerable value. A non-binding valuation can provide information on whether and how much money you can still get for your junk car. This step allows you not only to avoid potential disposal costs, but also to gain a financial advantage from the sale of your vehicle.

What do I need to consider when selling a junk car?

Selling a junk car requires a number of considerations and steps. First of all, an accurate valuation of the vehicle is required to determine its current value. Organizing the transport to the drop-off point and handling the sales process are other important aspects. Some service providers offer comprehensive services ranging from free valuation to collection and deregistration of the vehicle. These providers take many of the bureaucratic hurdles off your hands and ensure a smooth process.

Your questions - our answers

  • What do I get for my car at the scrap dealer? The value of your car at the scrap dealer is based on current commodity prices and can vary greatly.
  • Where can I get the most money for my old car? Whether a private sale or a sale to a dealer makes more sense depends on the condition of your vehicle. A fair and free valuation can help you make the best decision.
  • How can I sell my old car? Selling to a specialist provider such as is often the easiest and safest option to sell your junk car easily and profitably.

The benefits of

  • Free online valuation: You can have your car valued from the comfort of your own home, without any obligations.
  • Quick and easy processing: The entire sales process is designed to save you time and effort. From the initial valuation to collecting your vehicle, everything is straightforward.
  • Direct payout: With, you receive your money quickly and easily as soon as the sale is completed.
  • No hidden fees: There are no surprise costs or fees. The price offered is the price you get.
  • Comprehensive service: In addition to the valuation and sale, the service offered also includes deregistering your vehicle if you wish, so you don't have to worry about a thing.
  • Buys all vehicles: buys vehicles in any condition, including those that are considered scrapped. This gives you the assurance that your vehicle will be accepted regardless of its condition.Formularbeginn

So if you are considering selling your junk car, offers an efficient and advantageous solution. With free online valuations and a comprehensive service, you can be sure that you are choosing the best option for your vehicle and making the maximum possible profit.

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