Your car without TÜV: Sales opportunities and tips

Your car without TÜV: Sales opportunities and tips

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In Germany, the TÜV – the technical monitoring association – is a well-known and often feared term for many car owners. Once the TÜV sticker has expired, many ask themselves the question: "Can I still sell my car?" In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at why it can sometimes be difficult to sell a car without TÜV and how you can still get a sale quickly.

Is it possible to sell without a current TÜV sticker?

The short answer is: Yes, it is basically possible to sell a car without TÜV. However, it is important to stress that selling such a car to individuals can be associated with some hurdles, mainly due to safety concerns and potential repair costs.

Challenges when selling a TÜV-free car

  1. Safety concerns: A missing or expired TÜV is an indicator for many potential buyers that the car may not be safe. TÜV ensures that vehicles comply with German safety and emission standards. A car without this confirmation can cause mistrust among buyers.
  2. Potential repair costs: If a car does not pass the TÜV, this often means that repairs are required to put it back into a safe condition. Many potential buyers are not willing to take this financial risk, especially if they do not know exactly what needs to be repaired.
  3. Administrative effort: Selling a car without a TÜV often means more paperwork for the buyer and additional effort at the registration office. Many people want to avoid this additional stress.

Strategies for a quick car sale without TÜV

  1. Transparency: It is important to be honest about the condition of the car and the reasons for the lack of a current TÜV. Honest dealings can reassure potential buyers and gain their trust.
  2. Price adjustment: A car without TÜV is often sold at a lower price than one with a valid badge. A realistic price estimate that takes into account possible repair costs can speed up the sale.
  3. Professional car buyers: There are service providers who specialize in purchasing cars, even if they do not have a current TÜV. Here at, for example, we offer a fast and uncomplicated solution for such cases. Our experts assess the condition of the vehicle and make a fair offer. The advantage? You don’t have to deal with potentially hesitant private buyers and can sell your car quickly and easily.


Even if selling a car without a TÜV is not always easy, there are still ways to achieve a quick and fair sale. With transparency, realistic pricing and the use of professional purchasing services, you can achieve the best possible value for your car, even if the TÜV has already expired.

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