Options for selling your BMW 6 Series: Find the best way

Options for selling your BMW 6 Series: Find the best way

BMW 6er beschädigt

Do you own a BMW 6 Series that could soon find a new owner? This luxurious vehicle, known for its elegant design and first-class performance, could soon be turning over a new leaf. Here are some of the best options for selling your BMW 6 Series, including a stress-free solution with CashforCars.de at the end.

1. Private sale: Maximum control and potentially higher profit

With a private sale, you have full control over the sales process. You can set the price yourself and negotiate directly with interested parties. Although this method can be more time-consuming and requires more initiative in terms of marketing and negotiations, it often offers the opportunity to achieve a higher sales price.

2. Sale to a dealer: Quick and uncomplicated

A quick and convenient option is to sell to a car dealer. This option is particularly attractive if you want to sell quickly or are looking for a trade-in deal on a new vehicle. The downside is that you may not get the highest possible price for your vehicle.

3. Online sales platforms: Wide reach and convenient tools

Online platforms offer a wide reach and various tools to present your BMW 6 Series to a large audience. Photos, detailed descriptions and the option to sell your car from home make this option attractive. However, a certain amount of time is required to create the ad and communicate with interested parties.

4 CashforCars.de: Your stress-free sales alternative

Finally, there is the uncomplicated option of CashforCars.de. We offer a simple, fast and secure way to sell your used, damaged or crashed BMW 6 Series. Why CashforCars.de?

  • Easy to contact: Simply call us on +49 (211) 7306 1701 or fill out our online form.
  • Convenient collection: We collect your car directly from you, at no extra cost.
  • Fast payment: Receive instant payment via real-time bank transfer on collection.
  • No worries about condition: We'll buy your BMW 6 Series, regardless of its condition.
  • Fair offer: Our experts offer you a fair and binding offer for your vehicle.


Selling your BMW 6 Series doesn't have to be a stressful process. Whether you decide to sell privately, to a dealer, via an online platform or to CashforCars.de – there are many ways to sell your car successfully. Choose the route that best suits your needs and take the next step with confidence.

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