The journey of your Audi TT: From the road to a new owner

The journey of your Audi TT: From the road to a new owner

Audi TT Unfallschaden

In 1998, the impressive journey of the Audi TT began – a vehicle that quickly made a name for itself and whose design continues to inspire to this day. The TT, a vehicle that technically shared parts with the Audi A3 and Volkswagen Golf IV, offered a perfect blend of style and performance. Available as both a coupé and a roadster, the second generation TT was even offered in sporty S and RS variants, such as the Audi TT RS.

But did you know what "TT" actually stands for? 

The "TT" in the name of the Audi TT stands for "Tourist Trophy", a reference to the famous motorcycle race, the Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy). This race is known for its challenge and speed, characteristics that Audi wanted to associate with the sporty character of the TT model. The Audi TT was so named to emphasize the sporty nature and performance of the car, inspired by Audi's motorsport heritage.

An era comes to an end – or begins anew

There comes a time when you may want to part with your Audi TT, be it a used TT or the high-performance TT RS. Maybe you're drawn to a newer model, or you want to go in a different direction. Whatever your reasons, selling an Audi TT, whether used, damaged or even crashed, is a significant step.

Your Audi TT – A story to be told

Every Audi TT, from a lovingly cared for TT RS to a faithful used model, carries a story of its own. Perhaps it reminds you of exciting road trips, the feeling of freedom while driving or the admiring glances it attracted. These stories don't end when you part with your vehicle. They are simply passed on to someone else. Your partner for the next step

At, we know that selling a car is not always easy. That's why we offer you an uncomplicated way to sell your vehicle without having to worry about the details. We buy any Audi TT, regardless of its condition, year of manufacture or history, including the Audi TT RS and used models.

A simple process that gives you freedom

All you need to do is offer your Audi TT to – call us on +49 (211) 7306 1701 or fill out our online form. Our experts will offer you a fair purchase offer and organize the free collection of your vehicle, no matter where you are. We also offer a deregistration service for your vehicle on request, and payment is made directly on collection by real-time bank transfer.

A new chapter for your Audi TT

Selling your Audi TT, whether it's a well-maintained TT RS or a used model, doesn't have to mean the end of an era. It can be the start of a new adventure for the car while you focus on your next goals. is here to make this transition as smooth and uncomplicated as possible.

Your Audi TT has written a story – now it's time to pass it on to good hands so that its story can continue.

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