Why your car remains valuable despite engine damage

Why your car remains valuable despite engine damage 

Auto unter einer Lupe; Autobewertung

Your vehicle is worth more than you think, even with engine damage!

On CashforCars.de, you'll discover how you can still make a profit from your seemingly defective vehicle. Don't let engine damage demotivate you! We guarantee a smooth purchase process and a fair price.

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How do I determine the value of my car despite engine damage?

Engine damage is not the end of your car. Yes, it lowers the value, but it doesn't make the car meaningless.

Important factors are the make, model, year of manufacture, mileage and, of course, the condition of the vehicle. A well-maintained vehicle can still fetch an attractive price on the market. Conversely, a neglected car can drastically lose its value.

Causes of engine damage

Engine damage can be caused by various factors, including overheating, lack of maintenance, defective spark plugs or a faulty turbocharger. It is always advisable to have the vehicle checked regularly and to listen out for suspicious noises or loss of performance.

Is it worth repairing before reselling?

The question of repair always depends on the possible increase in value after the repair. If the repair costs more than the expected increase in value, a repair may not be the best option.

In such cases, it may make more sense to sell the car in its current condition. CashforCars.de will be happy to advise you and help you make the right decision!

Other possible uses for cars with engine damage

A car with a defective engine can still have valuable parts. Many car owners decide to sell these parts, especially if they are of high quality. Elements such as gearboxes, exhaust systems or even interiors can often be resold.

What you should consider legally when selling

Honesty is a must when selling a car. The German Civil Code (BGB) requires accurate and correct information on the condition of the vehicle. Make sure that you provide all important information transparently to avoid discrepancies later on.


Although engine damage is a significant defect, it does not necessarily mean the end of the vehicle's value. By making the right assessment, considering the repair and paying attention to the legal aspects, you can ensure that you get the best out of your defective vehicle.

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